8 Apr 2020

Coffee & walnut cake is (pretty much hands down) my favourite cake. I also had some bananas that needed using up so this just popped into my head. Will this work? I thought to myself. Only one way to find out! 

I have made my version vegan, but if you have eggs and milk...

24 Mar 2020

I'm back with more already! If self isolation / social distancing is going to make me do one thing, it looks like that's going to be actually creating blog posts!

I decided to ask for help from a professional, my good friend Flora who is a primary school teacher. She su...

20 Mar 2020

Hello! We are not officially in isolation ourselves yet but have more or less started the social distancing and we can already see things we're going to struggle with for the next unknown amount of months. Luckily we have Ernest and we've decided to take advantage of m...

24 Mar 2019

I've wanted to make these for ages, mainly because I've had some citrus peel in my cupboard and no other ideas of what to do with it, but also cos I thought it might taste pretty good. Don't mean to be a big head, but I wasn't wrong!

As always, I have pretty much winged...

2 Mar 2019

Is it a cake or a bread? This is something that REALLY bugs me. I just don't know! I feel like the recipe is more cakey than bready though so we'll just go with that for now. I baked this one in a tray bake style and that's deffo more cakey!

I wanted to make a solid ban...

13 Feb 2019

You may have noticed my jammy dodger props all up on my instagram?

Well I though as a nice little launch gift for my website, I'd share the recipe with you! Just in time for Valentine's Day too - fancy that!

I've made mine vegan, but if you're not you can just sub t...

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