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This has been one hell of a year so far right?! I started to make this print a few weeks ago before my whole world got (even more) flipped upside down. I continued with it though because now the phrase of the pandemic has even more meaning to me.


I'll continue to have hope with every fibre of my being, and I hope you all do the same for whatever battles life throws at you.


This 'Animal Rainbow of Hope' is available as an A4 PDF, free download. But you can print it at whatever size you like. I had to give it a price to list it, I'm not sure why - probably because I've made it an actual product... But enter FREERAINBOW at checkout and it will be free!


It goes from the sky to the water (as well as I could) in animal form, and is there to bring a little colour to your window or wall.


I hope you like it, it's my gift to every one of you.


Lots of love

Tori x

Animal Rainbow of Hope // free download - enter code: FREERAINBOW

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