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Animal Rainbow of Hope // Limited Edition Print Run


I originally painted this as a gift to anyone who wants it, as a free A4 PDF download which you can still get here. I made it hoping that it would help spread some goodness which I really think it has so far! It goes from the sky to the water (as well as I could) in animal form, and is there to bring a little colour to your window or wall.


A small number of people have asked whether I could print it too, so I have! I have printed a really limited number, 10 to be exact, and all the profits will go to Mind Charity alongside the money raised by the lovely people of Crookes in Sheffiled, who popped their coins into a pot outside my house for my old stock and slightly damaged goods! The pot hasn't been out for a while thanks to whether and my silly health but there was a fair bit in there already which is so amazing!


The print is available in A4 (approx 21cm x 29.7cm) size on beautiful, thick, recycled paper. They're also numbered and signed by me.


And I chose £8 because I wanted them to be a little less than my usual prints and 8 is the same(ish - depends who's drawing it) symbol of infinity which is what I want the hope this print represents, to be!

Illustrated by Victoria Whiteley
Printed in the UK

Animal Rainbow of Hope Print // A4

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