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Hello! We are not officially in isolation ourselves yet but have more or less started the social distancing and we can already see things we're going to struggle with for the next unknown amount of months. Luckily we have Ernest and we've decided to take advantage of managing our own time by taking him to all the different parks Sheffield and surrounding areas have to offer! I really hope people without dogs still venture outdoors to get their exercise because the power of fresh air is incredible!

I've been thinking about what I can offer in this difficult, confusing time and, to be honest, the answer is not a whole lot. But I can put my specific set of skills to some use and I have created a couple of pages of an 'Isolation Diary' to download, print off and fill out. So far I have a basic weekly page with seven boxes to fill out and doodle in each day. It has space for you to put what day of isolation you're on as well as the date. It then asks you to fill out something you ate, something you saw out of the window, something you learnt and something you drew (and there is your tiny space to draw the thing).

It's very basic and doesn't want you to write down e v e r y t h i n g. Just little notes. You might eat something really weird that day, or just boring, for example I had hummus on a salt and vinegar rice cake today. A bit odd but also pretty bloody good!

Something you learnt is to remind you that your mind needs exercise too. It can be anything at all! Something you've been meaning to look up for aaaaaaages and now you have the time to do it!

Something you've seen out of the window - lets face it, I'm deffo hoping all the humans being inside brings all the animals into the city. Maybe in a month's time deer will be having a mooch around outside my house! Hopefully.

And something to draw. You might think you can't draw but my opinion is that anyone who can make a mark on some paper can draw, it's just your unique style! it can be anything, a smiley face, a stick man, a flower, an intricate illustration of the Eiffel Tower, it really doesn't matter. It's just a tool to take your mind somewhere else for a moment.

Finally, there's a little box for you to write positive things in. I love the creative online community and I think how everyone has come together at this very testing time is incredible. This box is there for you to write something you've heard or seen, or even thought of yourself. Just to help keep you motivated through the week.

I've also made a basic drawing activity page for you. One part asking you to find a fact and then to draw it. And the second part asking you to draw your favourite fictional character, I know I used to love doing this. This one might be more for people who do enjoy drawing but it's available for all!

*UPDATE* I have actually just woken up and thought of another page I can add! This can be stuck to the wall in times when you are twiddling your fingers thinking of what you can do, look at your "Things I'm going to do whilst social distancing" and pick something! I've added 15 tick boxes which I don't think is too many but I do already know three things I'm going to add to it. I really hope this can help you stay motivated to do things in this weird, weird time!

I'm sure I'll keep adding to it as this craziness goes on, if you have any ideas you'd like me to do please let me know! It can be for anyone, any age, any gender, just pass on your thoughts!

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