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I'm back with more already! If self isolation / social distancing is going to make me do one thing, it looks like that's going to be actually creating blog posts!

I decided to ask for help from a professional, my good friend Flora who is a primary school teacher. She suggested a few of great things I could add / alter to make the seven day diary more young person / child friendly. I have made the boxes bigger for this version so a week goes across two pages. It asks for something healthy they ate, something they did to move their body - hopefully promoting them to keep active, and also an emotion they felt that day. It's really important for kids to know they can talk about how they feel right now. It's confusing enough for adults right now, let alone people who are still learning all about l i f e and are meant to be in school with their friends everyday!

Here's a version for you to click and save as more of something to look at and use your own paper. It should be a standard(ish) tablet size but if you need a different size let me know!

The other addition to the Isolation Diary collection, is a second activity page. This idea is based on mindfulness doodling. I learnt this from a close family friend who really finds comfort in drawing since being taught about mindfulness doodling, giving them something to focus on without having to think about anything else. The simple act of putting pen (or pencil) to paper can be a lot more powerful than it might seem. You don't need to worry about staying in the lines or drawing something in particularly. just colour, shade, make shapes and lose yourself for a while!

I've added a few shapes and squiggles of my own to most of the boxes to help you along. You don't need this page though, you can just draw a box on a piece of paper yourself, draw a big scribble on it, and go on by yourself!

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