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This Thursday is an illustrator who offers a range including nature illustration and custom illustration to suit your needs.


I also like outside stuff such as nice views and cool animals (and not cool animals) so they tend to be what comes out on the paper. 

A lady once told me that my work has a natural history feel to it and it was like she just put into words exactly what I'd struggled to describe myself. It was in Oxford and I've heard there are lots of clever people there to be fair.

Here you will find a range fantastic beasts (the ones that exist in real and not through the magical mind of JK) created by hand with goache and brushes. If there's one you can't find, let me know and I'll pop it on the list.

You'll also find my take on some of the finest places, drawn with the finest of pens (fineliners - obvs). If you don't know them, you should get to know.



Instagram is where you'll find most of the stuff I share. I understand it the most and I sometimes even talk to it. Pinterest is basically a black hole of recipes, pretty houses (outside and in), places that look amazing and some other stuff I think is cool. Facebook is where you will find fairs/events I'm doing and then really just where I share instagram posts to people who are better at Facebook (not me). Twitter is where my Facebook posts go automatically. I keep thinking I might be good at it again one day...

(in the openly online way,

not the real life stalker-y way please guys)


That big moony face up there belongs to me. Hi! ( Photo by the awesome Mark Newton Weddings - check his insta )


My name is Tori and I live in the beautiful city of Sheffield, right on the edge of the Peak District, with my husband, my cat and my dog.

It's great and they're great.

Going outside is something I need for sanity. Harry Potter being read to me by Stephen Fry is something I need for productivity.


Other things I like include walking, cycling, running (never thought I’d write that), allllll the animals (except moths, daddy long legs and slugs - no thanks to them), the greatest showman, hills, singing, taking pictures of pretty places, coffee, learning stuff, charity shop shopping, supermarket shopping, making food and baking food. (And eating food obvs).

I’m not joking, if I’m in desperate need of a brain soothe I’ll just go for a wander around Morrisons...

New well interesting about me section coming soon...

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