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I don’t actually have any real life ones of these yet but some questions to answers that might be useful are:

Do you have a … ?

If you like my style but can’t find exactly what (usually the specific animal) you’re looking for, please send me a message by visiting my contact page. There’s a chance the thing your after is already a work in progress but if not, I am happy to discuss a custom creation just for you!

Do you ship to … ?

I ship to everywhere! For more information about this, please take a look at my Shipping & Returns page.

How long do custom illustrations take?

I try my very best to complete custom orders within two weeks but during busy periods it can take a little longer. If you need your illustration by a specific date, please contact me before placing the order so I can make sure I have the time to get it completed and with you by that date!

Are you doing any fairs soon / near me?

The best way to see which fairs / events I have coming up is to look on my facebook page. I’m pretty good at keeping this up to date!


Can I stock your products in my store?

Yes! If you’re interested in stocking my products in your brick & mortar (building materials may vary) store, please do get in touch by emailing

* * I am currently working on my wholesale catalogue which will become available as soon as it’s ready!


I’ll keep updating this page as I think of anything else that might be useful!

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