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The height charts currently come in two designs; the British Wildlife Height Chart and the Jungle Animal Height Chart.

All artwork is taken from original paintings, by myself, Victoria Whiteley.

They are printed, processed and sewn in the UK onto 100% Cotton with a 1/2 Panama Weave. They are bright yet durable and the fabric section is easy to wash.

The height charts can measure a child from 50cm to 152cm / 5ft tall.

As they are printed on fabric the scale cannot be 100% guaranteed to be accurate due to the processes the fabric has to go through to set properly. Although I have worked with the manufacturer to get as close as is possible, and the last sample was perfect.

To hang, they have a wooden dowel posted through the top, threaded with a black faux suede cord. There is another piece of wooden dowel at the bottom to help weigh it down.

The charts will be packaged in a triangular wooden roll tube, specifying the design from the outside. Or left package free if you wish to hang them yourselves.

The trianglular shape means they can be folded and don’t need plastic caps.

Jungle Height Chart 1a_edited.jpg

Jungle Height Chart

British Wildlife Height Chart 2_edited.jpg

Woodland Height Chart