I’ll start by saying I do actually love sending (and receiving) Christmas cards. For a person who designs a lot of greeting cards, I’m not actually that good at sending them - at least on time anyway! So I like being able to sit down with a list of all the people I want to send a card to all at one time and write them (and hopefully not forget anyone).

But this year when physical contact has been very much limited, for a lot of us at least, I think there’s something more to receiving a handwritten card that a loved one has spent time writing, addressing and sending, will mean so much more than a text or a Facebook post to the masses. Being able to hold something they’ve held, even with deeply sanitised hands, and then to see it throughout the festive period on a shelf or strung up on the wall, will just bring that connection to other people closer.

So basically the point of this post is to ask, if you’re not really a Christmas card person, you think they’re a bit old fashioned or that there are better things to spend your money on at this time of year, please just reconsider. Think of each card as that hug you’d normally be giving to each of them to wish them a happy Christmas and show you care. And if you send it early, it will last so much longer both in their memory and just their vision, than a digital message would.

Another huge bonus of course to sending cards is that it’s a really easy way to support independent businesses at this time of year. Whether that’s buying your cards online, directly from creatives like me, or supporting small independent shops near you. Of course there’s nothing wrong with buying bigger, cheaper packs from the supermarket, especially if they’re also supporting a charity with their cards as they often are which is obviously wonderful, so you can always do that too! Just maybe consider buying a couple from little businesses and give them a slice of that festive cheer, as well as your pals. Just a Card can really help!

To help you find some independent Christmas cards, I’ve compiled a list of just some of the many independents I know are selling their own Christmas cards this year. I got a bit carried away so there is more than just "some", so I’m hoping there is something here for everyone! I've added the maker's names and locations because they're real people in real places and they'd all love you to buy their cards!

1. It Was A Rabbit Illustration | Lora in Wilmslow

2. Embers and Ink | Emma in Sheffield

3. Charlotte Hepburn | Charlotte in Yorkshire

4. Helen Richmond Design | Helen in Warwickshire | Currently on Maternity Leave

5. Jessica Woodhouse | Jessica in Chesterfield

6. Joy Jen Studio | Jenna in Leeds

7. Ink Flo Store | Steve in Manchester | Coming Soon!

8. Pen and Gwyn | Nicky in Hull

9. Annie Dornan Smith | Annie in Watford

10. Plewsy | Fiona in Yorkshire

11. The Littlest Falcon | Merlyn in North Yorks

12. Wildwood Paper | Grace in Sheffield

13. The Happy Chappo | Steven in Slaithwaite

14. Yuk Fun Wow | Lucy & Patrick in Portslade-by-Sea

15. Orange Pippin | Helen in Sheffield

16. Citrus Bunn | Clemency in London

17. Cranfield Creations | Aaron in Manchester

18. Our Version Greetings | Sam in London

19. Katie Tinkler Illustration | Katie in London

20. Charis Raine Studio | Charis in York

21. By Sam Bull | Sam in Winsford

22. Dick Vincent | Dick in Macclesfield

23. folio. | Ian in Cardiff

24. Katrina Sophia | Katrina in Nottingham

25. Amy Harwood Illustration | Amy in Southampton

26. Textiles By Rachel | Rachel in Cardiff

27. Tom Hardwick | Tom in Hull

28. Sophie Heywood | Sophie in Stockport

29. Loaf and Bear | Laura in Lymm

30. Shufflebotham Fine Art | Jennifer in Kenilworth

31. Nicky L Art | Nicky in Warwickshire

32. Jade Muat-Dodd | Jade in Liverpool

33. Dan Hill Illustrations | Dan in London

34. Own Way Co | Katie in Sheffield | Also at Curated Makers in John Lewis Sheffield

35. Harriet Cox Illustrations | Harriet in the UK

36. Martha and Hepsie | Martha in Sheffield and Hepsie in Barnstable | Also at Curated Makers in John Lewis Sheffield

37. Doodles and Dogs Art | James in Lancaster

38. LDM Design | Lucy in Holmfirth | Also at Curated Makers in John Lewis Sheffield

39. Holly Francesca | Holly in West Yorkshire | Also at Curated Makers in John Lewis Sheffield

40. Mountain Man Draws | Connor in Nottingham

41. Kate Thornton Design | Kate in Huddersfield | Also at Curated Makers in John Lewis Sheffield

42. Tihara Smith | Tihara in London

43. Ricicle Cards | David in Somerset

44. This Thursday | It's me! Tori in Sheffield | Also at Curated Makers in John Lewis Sheffield

45. Reconsidered Retro | Rebecca in Manchester

46. Paper Pocket Designs | Sophie in Longton

47. Front Bum Cards | in Leeds

48. Pippa & Paper | Emily in Bristol

49. Thorns & Roseway | Niamh in Staffordshire

50. Hofficraft | Manda in Abingdon

51. Mister Peebles | Helen in London

52. Robyn Draws Stuff | Robyn in Northamptonshire

53. Crafts in Circles | Jenni in Sheffield

54. Hey Jude Greetings | Gemma in Sheffield

55. Heather G Designs | Heather in Barnsley

56. Inky Pinky Cards | Eleanor in Sheffield

57. Pixie Drew | Nicola in Sheffield

58. Vicky's World | Vicky in Sheffield

59. Crabapple Moon | Anya in Sheffield

60. Joanne Hawker | Joanne in Taunton

61. Fox and Fauna | Sarah in Bury St Edmunds | Coming at The Crafty Fox Market

62. Josephine Dellow | Josephine in Sheffield

63. Emmmakes | Emm in Camberwell

64. Ellie Good Illustration | Ellie in Seer Green

65. Natàlia Juan Abelló | Natàlia in Saddleworth

66. Yellow Fred Creative | Beth in Manchester

67. Taaryn B | Taaryn in Leeds

68. OR8DESIGN | Owen in Leeds

69. Alex Ashman De